Edinburgh Bike Fitting

Premium bike fitting services.


Edinburgh Bike Fitting is based within Ronde Bicycle Outfitters in Stockbridge Edinburgh and offers a Professional bike fitting service for cyclists of all different types and abilities in Edinburgh and we offer a mobile bike fit service across Scotland.


Edinburgh Bike Fitting offers our services in our studio location or at your location. Our fitter now has years of experience of fitting professionally, having networked with some of the worlds best bike fitters since we began.


Not only do we offer access to the very latest bike fitting technology to give us great feedback on your position we offer you a fitter with an understanding of how your body works on the bike making sure you end up with a bike fit that is right for you.


Constantly researching the latest information available on fit and regularly upgrading our technology to continue to offer the best possible bike fit available anywhere in Scotland and throughout the UK.


Our lead fitter has 2 degrees in sport science, Retül university qualification and recently attended the 2015 ISCO bike fitting symposium in Germany, having worked with cyclists of all abilities from beginner to national champions.

Our fits are focused on delivering the best possible bike fit solution for you and your bike. From Aerodynamic Assessments for racing cyclists to Single Fits for beginners, we offer a range of bike fitting services.

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An Evening of Zwift at Ronde

On Thursday the 17th of November there was a whiff of stress eminating from Neil as he reorganized Ronde during the day. His work was not wasted as we had a very successful evening Zwifting in the Cafe side of the shop.

On show for the evening was the new dura-ace groupset (very nice) and a whole host of turbo trainers by elite, as well as the showcase of Zwift. Doors opened for the event at 7pm and between beers and nibbles guests took it in turn to try and push their limits on Zwift. Events being held on the night were Peak power in 20 seconds, fastest timed 400m, which, had to be abandoned due to time restrictions, and furthest distance covered in 3 minutes by team relay.

Its fair to say a fun night was had by all who attended, and perhaps the take home message for many was that a local bike shop is so much more than high street retail but a place where cyclists can get together and share a passion, and talk bikes over a beer or two.

I got some pictures of the night and put them into an album below