Edinburgh Bike Fitting - A comprehensive analysis

Edinburgh bike fittings single fit is a bike fit that goes way beyond a standard bike fit. Our standard offering is a comprehensive analysis measuring several factors important to your bike fit.

Retul’s biomechanical analysis package Vantage was our first Bikefit specific system and creates a 3D picture of your cycling position to allow the fitter to track your movement patterns while cycling and objectively make the best decision on general set up of the bike. However at a point when others would sit back and be satisfied with the position we sit up and look closer.

We follow up the 3D analysis with a closer look at arguably the most important contact point, the saddle.  Using Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping we gain in insight into what you're feeling on the saddle. This in depth view of your seated position allows us to eliminate hotspots on the saddle and refine almost every aspect of your position closer to perfection. A good saddle position acts as a foundation to great pedalling technique and a perfect anchor point for your core.

Often overlooked, pedalling technique analysis is a further element of our investigation. Computrainers Spinscan analysis measures pedalling forces, and left right power split. Pushing from the correct part of your foot and sweeping through the bottom of the stroke is often difficult to grasp, so this visual aid allows for often transformational changes in the effectiveness of your pedal stroke.

Bike fit has been a long standing passion for Edinburgh Bike Fitting founder Douglas Shaw and the standard fit continues to be developed and tweaked for the most optimal analysis of your cycling, after all, a fitter who is well trained and interested in you and your cycling, is possibly the most important factor of all. 

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