Assos S9 Bib Shorts review

Assos S9 Bib Short Review

When thinking about getting the most out of your riding, regardless of what that means to you, there are a few things that are very important to get right.

For me, one of the top priorities is to buy the most comfortable shorts I can possibly get. Using the wrong shorts can ruin any ride and can potentially do a wee bit of damage as well.

I’ve tried shorts from a number of manufacturers over the years but always return to Assos of Switzerland because they simply have never let me down - ever. They can never be classed as a cheap option but I’ve also found the “buy cheap, buy twice” is usually the rule.


Like all manufacturers, new models and enhancements seem to be launched with an ever increasing frequency but when Assos recently announced the launch of a brand new pair from a brand new design, well, I just had to get me a pair and see what all the noise was about.


I’ll assume you are in the market for a pair of bib shorts so won’t dwell too long on the benefits of bibs to the rider. Waist shorts have their place of course but for this review I’m focusing on the bibs.


The S9 shorts are from the Assos Equipe RS range of their clothing. They say the target market for the Equipe RS range are those people who like to ride hard & fast so it’s safe to say they are designed to meet the needs of the road racing market. Now, if you’re not a road racer then fear not, these could still be the shorts for you. I occasionally ride fast (for me!), sometimes hard but I guess I’m mainly a recreational rider, sportive, grand fondo’s, for fitness, for fun etc. So these are for me all right.


The links below take you to all the official product information from Assos that you could possibly need so there’s no need for me to repeat it here so I’ll give you my thoughts on the shorts after wearing them for a couple of months now. So click away to learn all about A-Lock Engineering, Butterfly Patterns, Ergo boxes etc. etc.

Once you put them on they simply do not move on your body, all day long and what’s more they are the most “forget you’ve got them on” shorts I’ve ever had.


I always use a bit of the world famous Assos Chamois creme and I continue to do so with the S9’s. This is probably a subject for a review in its own right so all I’ll say is that I always use the same amount and I did/do with these….and no pants please!!!


Getting the correct size and taking a little care when putting them on is very important. If your shorts slide on with ease like putting on your slippers then they are probably too big for you. Your shorts should be snug everywhere to minimize movement on the bike and eliminate chaffing. Getting it right shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds so its not really a big deal to do this properly.

The S9’s are lightweight but not flimsy and have an excellent leg gripper - they are snug but don’t leave an impression on my leg like some do. The chamois is a work of art and for the gentlemen let’s just say the chamois is the best for positioning of the genitalia that I’ve used. So take a second or two to get them sitting right and then put the bibs in place.

The S9 is designed to compliment the T EQUIPE EVO short and Cento Evo produced by Assos. its more aggressive and designed to fit well if you’re more of a racing snake or traditional cyclist build. One slight consideration i would mention is the low cut on the front. If you tend to hold weight on your gut then the T EQUIPE EVO or Cento will be more for you the upper seam on the front panel will compress everything it’s in contact with until its stops, everything else will hang over the front. this isnt so much bad design but more optimised for the particular client Assos are aiming this short toward. if you tend to be less of a racing build then the Cento or T EQUIPE EVO will be better for you.

Manufacturers have continually changed the way the bibs are constructed, aiming to optimise the comfort and ventilation of the shorts. Assos new method of addressing this issue is with bib straps which look a bit like braces, so there is no back panel to potentially overheat and help cut down sweat on the back. Loads of info on this on the web site.

So, once you get the size and fit right these are exceptionally comfortable on the bike, all day long. If you ride hard, drive into corners, in and out of the saddle, or simply head out for long days these shorts simply do not move on you, are very very comfortable and are my number one choice for every ride.