What should I expect from a bike fit?

What should I expect from a bike fit from Edinburgh Bike Fitting

On arrival you will be greeted and welcomed into Edinburgh Bike Fitting. Beyond this the initial focus on the session will be on your goals or what you want to achieve out of the session itself and putting your bike onto the turbo, or making final preparations to the adjustable bike if you have booked a frame finder session. You should have completed our intake questioner when you booked online that has asked you some questions about injury history and fit goals, we can chat about these things while you wait

At Edinburgh Bike Fitting we take a holistic approach to fit and as such we enjoy looking at things from a big picture point of view the way this translates into your fit is we like to tackle what we identify as the big obvious requiered adjustments first. This could be altering a saddle that is clearly too high or altering bar position if you are over stretching, after addressing any obvious changes, we will run through a series of feedback loops to determine any areas that require further attention.

Once we address the main obvious problems we can take a look at your body off the bike give us some insight into your physical abilities and condition and how this could interfere or interact with your bike. If we feel we could make some meaningful improvement we could then run you through a series of exercises that could improve your fit.

Next using a combination of experience, Video analysis, Retül motion capture, pressure mapping and Leomo technology we will work to create a better position for you on the bike. The adjustments could span everything from cleat position to hood position and everything in between.

If your fit needs any component changes we will let you try the suggested changes as much as possible before you commit to spending any money on them and will always offer you a money back guarantee if you commit to them.

After we have finished our adjustments and reach agreement on if you want to try the changes out on the road we scan your bike position to keep it on records and it is sent to you on request.

Take Aways

You should expect a professionally delivered session based around achieving your goals on the bike.

You may get exercises and stretches recommended to you and given multiple videos to assist you progress your bike fit over time.

You will get your bike measured and the position kept on file.

if you feel the above has answered all your questions and you want to make a booking then please book here