Bike Fitting

What does a bike fitting really mean? - Generally people don't think about all the things that need to be adjusted such as Cleat position, Crank length, Stem length, Saddle shape, height, fore/aft, Handlebar angle, drop, all of which impact on each other and impact greatly on your comfort.

It's not really best to think about what a bike fit can add to your performance, everyone has a physiological potential before they jump on any bike, and while a good bike fit can't add to that, a bad fit can make it hard to reach it. The best bike fit simply produces the position that impedes you the least when you're cycling while simultaneously minimising any stresses on your joints or unnecessary excessive loading on any muscles.

A holistic process that takes everything into account before making any changes is generally best advised,  a critical evaluation of your own flexibility and strength limitations along with any injury history is always the best place to start and then from there work your way over to the bike.

In due course we will be releasing a step by step guide on how to go about getting your position sorted from the cleats to the hoods, of course if you would rather we did it for you then you can get in touch now to make an appointment.

Douglas Shaw

Edinburgh Bike Fitting


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