Polaris Bike Boxes are made from hard Polypropylene, with internal foam padding and 4 lockable draw latches, perfect for keeping your bike in 1 piece during transportation. For on the move the bike boxes have 4 wheels and a handle for easy handling.

Pricing is very competitive and starts at £35 for 1 week £60 for 2 weeks and £75 for 3 weeks, charged at £25 per week thereafter.

To make a booking please contact us.

The Process

The Frame Finder session includes the cleat fit and functional assessment that we do in our Single Fit. Once we get to the adjustable bike, within seconds we set it up to the bike you're interested in buying and will work out if it suits you or not. After we have finished the fit we scan the bike position and make the following recommendations;


  • Frame Size

  • Stem Length

  • Handlebar Width and Reach

  • Saddle Type and Width

  • Crank Length

After you have your bike built, come back to have us set up the bike for you based on your first fit report, this second session is included in the cost.

Frame Finder fits are carried out on our Müve bike

Frame Finder fits are carried out on our Müve bike

The Benefits

Because you can be sure that bike will be the right fit for you, you can spend the money once. Based on your fit result we can use Retül frame finder software to search for a frame which suites you best and recommend the size of components such as stem length, and recommended crank length saving you the possibility of buying twice or buying an unsuitable component and being stuck with it.

Once you have completed the first stage there is no time limit on starting the second stage of the process we request you simply stay in touch while you buy before you book your second appointment.

Frame Finder Session costs £185, for more information get in touch, or if you know enough, Book Now.