Marker Placement

Marker Placement

Bike Fit - £160

Edinburgh Bike Fitting's single Retül bike fit takes approximately 2 hours.

Starting with a brief interview where we outline your current issues and fit goals, we continue into our functional assessment of your physical condition and take this into account for the fit, this assessment includes a look at your current level off flexibility, core strength and foot alignment and is essential to complete every bike fit.

Once you and your bike are on the turbo we start to marker up specific landmarks on your body to assist us with data gathering.

Using the Retul 3D analysis we gather a thourough biomechanical assessment and generally follow this up with a  pressure map analysis on the saddle.  This process assists the fitter during the bike fit process to give you the best possible final position.

Adjustments to the bike on the day can include

  • Conformation on the correct frame size

  • Cleat position and foot correction in the shoe if requiered.

  • Saddle position and type.

  • Reach to the handlebar/bar width and type, stem length and hood position.

  • Advice on Crank Length

Usually we can make all the changes to your bike in the 1 day, however, you may need a component in order to finish the session which you may need to go and buy, in which case we do as much as we can before you leave and arrange another appointment for you to come back and be set up. There may be an additional charge required for this, but not always.

Once we are both happy with the fit we take a digital measurement of your new bike position which should leave you with the ability to always get the same position back if you need to dismantle your bike for holiday or repair which is attached into a fit summary for your own records.

If you are interested in a bike fit with Edinburgh Bike Fitting then please book now, or get in touch.