3 exercises to try before your next bike ride

Even with a good bike fit there is always a good amount of homework and self maintenance to do to keep yourself in check.

in a search for comfort on rides try loosening off by going through these quick and easy dynamic exercises with a focus on loosening off mid and lower back.


do 5 to 10 reps per side for a stretch in your lower back and glute

Thread the Needle

5 - 10 reps per side to feel a stretch in line with your shoulder blades and into your mid back.

Angry happy cat

extend your hips an raise your chest for the 1st position and hold for 2 - 3 seconds for a stretch in your abs and focus on pushing your mid back into the ceiling for a nice stretch down your mid back into your lower back. Cycle through the positions 5 - 10 times, and if you feel up for it, cycle through the whole twice.

Be sure to comment with the issues you are having on your rides and we will see if we can suggest some exercises to help those issues.

Douglas ShawComment