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Premium bike fitting services.


Edinburgh Bike Fitting is based within Ronde Bicycle Outfitters in Stockbridge Edinburgh and offers a Professional bike fitting service for cyclists of all different types and abilities in Edinburgh and we offer a mobile bike fit service across Scotland.


Edinburgh Bike Fitting offers our services in our studio location or at your location. Our fitter now has years of experience of fitting professionally, having networked with some of the worlds best bike fitters since we began.


Not only do we offer access to the very latest bike fitting technology to give us great feedback on your position we offer you a fitter with an understanding of how your body works on the bike making sure you end up with a bike fit that is right for you.


Constantly researching the latest information available on fit and regularly upgrading our technology to continue to offer the best possible bike fit available anywhere in Scotland and throughout the UK.


Our lead fitter has 2 degrees in sport science, Retül university qualification and recently attended the 2015 ISCO bike fitting symposium in Germany, having worked with cyclists of all abilities from beginner to national champions.

Our fits are focused on delivering the best possible bike fit solution for you and your bike. From Aerodynamic Assessments for racing cyclists to Single Fits for beginners, we offer a range of bike fitting services.

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Edinburgh Bike Fitting

Edinburgh Bike Fitting provides bike fitting services in Edinburgh Scotland to cyclists of all disciplines and abilities, from Triathletes to Track Cyclists, beginner to advanced. We make the most of modern technology to assist with data gathering during your fit such as the powerful Retül bike fitting system, as endorsed by British Cycling, and, Gebiomized Pressuremap systems. Having bike fitted hundreds of cyclists including numerous Commonwealth Games medal winners, we also use a wealth of experience to get you to your final position.

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Edinburgh Bike Fitting can help you maximize your power output, up your efficiency, and increase your comfort during your time in the saddle. All of our bike fits include a cleat alignment and a post bike fit report including your bike set up measurements so you can set up your other bikes to the same position.

To make a booking please get in touch or if you would rather know more each service has its own dedicated page,  or, why not find out a bit more about us. Please note, we have no official opening hours, we are open by appointment only at your convenience.


Bike Fitting Services

Bike Fit with Retul and Saddle Pressure-mapping - £160

Monday - Sunday appointment on a road, cross or MTB. Session takes up to 3 hours and includes a detailed physical assessment, our bike fit process and a post fit report with followup exercises. Click here for more information on our Bike Fit.

TT/Tri Bike Fit - £175

Book this session if you want to get fitted into a TT or Tri position. the additional cost makes up for the additional time it takes to fit a TT/Tri set up correctly, due to the multiple factors involved with setting up the front end of the bike.

Premium Bike Fit - £250

In addition to our single fit we also offer a Premium fit solution for the optimization of your position. Rome wasn't built in a day, and the same can be said for optimization on the bike, a premium fit is split over 2 sessions during the first session we work out your bodies weaknesses and the things that are holding you back on the bike and take you through exercises to improve them . You leave the first session with a minimum of 4 exercises and a plan in place to improve your body. After 4-6 weeks you come back included in the cost and we make our final adjustments and improvements to your position.  During this optimization service we use all of the expertise at our disposal to work toward your fit goals over time. Get in Touch for more information.

Frame Finder - £195

Based over 2 sessions, if you are looking for a new bike then we have a Müve bike that we can fit you on, this session is great if you have a new bike in mind as we can set up the Müve to match any bikes geometry, essentially allowing you to try before you buy. This session includes a redial once you have bought your bike. Click here for more information on our Frame Finder.

Group Fit - £135 Per Client

If you are part of a group of people wanting a bike fit then discounted pricing is available if you all book at the same time, to claim this discount you need a Minimum party of 3. Click here for more information on our Group Fit.

At your Location - £165 Per Client minimum of 2 people

Because Retül technology is portable we can do bike fitting all over Scotland.  Edinburgh Bike Fitting can come to your location for a fitting saving you the bother of travel. If you're interested then please Contact Us for more information and finalised pricing.

Follow up Services

Redial - £65

If you have made minor adjustments since your last fit and require your position to be checked over then redials are available. Click here for more information on our Redial.