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Bike Fit Services

At Edinburgh Bike Fitting, we offer bike fitting services to cyclists of all disciplines and abilities.

Combining a wealth of experience, and the latest technology from Retül, Geobiomized, Leomo and Bioracer, we’re committed to providing the best service.

Having fitted thousands of cyclists, including numerous elite level athletes ranging from Commonwealth Games medalists and National Champions to World record holders, we draw on extensive experience to provide you with your best fit.

To make a booking please get in touch, or Book Online Please note, we have no official opening hours, we are open by appointment only at your convenience.


Athletes We Have Fitted

Edinburgh Bike Fitting has proudly established itself as the fit center of choice for a number of top Scottish cyclists, helping them to achieve their goals at an elite level. Rest assured that the same care and detail that went into their bike fit goes into yours.

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About us

Edinburgh Bike Fitting was established by Douglas Shaw in 2014 and offers a range of bike fit services to customers across Scotland. With the use of cutting edge bike fitting tools such as Racermate SpinscanGebiomized GPBike pressure mapping technology, Leomo Type R and Retül's Vantage system, and the experience of thousands of bike fits on all types of cyclist we offer a complete bike fitting service.

While we recognize that there is no tool in the world that you can simply take out of the box that replaces the sound judgement of a well-trained individual, we use the most sophisticated equipment we can get our hands on to compliment our work and record important data to fine tune adjustments and for rider feedback. We continuously look to improve the technology we have or buy in the latest kit available on the market.

Douglas Shaw, MSc, BSc/Hons Sport Science, CFMS, Accredited Retül bike fitter.

To compliment our bike fitting technology our lead fitter holds 2 degrees in sport science, has the Retül university qualification and attended the 2015 ISCO bike fitting symposium in Germany. This ongoing commitment to attend further education and networking allows Edinburgh Bike Fitting to continue to offer a service in line with the cutting edge theories in bike fitting.

As part of this ongoing experience, in July 2016 our lead fitter spent the month working with Curtis Cramblett, a fitter with 15 years experience of working at the top level of cycling. Douglas is also certified in Functional Movement Screen and attended the 2016 ICS bike fitting symposium in Manchester. Continuing to network with the best fitters from across the world all of this newly learned knowledge is poured back into every fit carried out, and in 2017 this was recognised by the IBFI when Douglas was recognised as a Level 3 Bike Fitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bike fit right for me?

A good bike fit promises greater comfort, increased power output, improved efficiency and reduced injury risks. If these sound like something you’d be interested in, then book in for a fit today!

What should I expect from a bike fit?

During a short warm up on the bike, we will discuss your intended outcomes for the session in addition to any current or previous injuries that might affect the fit.

After addressing any obvious changes, we will run through a series of feedback loops to determine any areas that require further attention.

We will conduct a basic physical assessment off the bike to find any physical inhibitions which may be affecting the fit. If necessary, we can work through a series of exercises to ameliorate any physical limitations.

Using Retül, we will confirm that any changes we have made to your bike have improved your position.

Provided that there aren’t any componentry changes that we can’t supply in store, we will scan your position with Retül and send you a report of the final fit.

What should I take with me?

Cycling clothing is needed to ensure correct sensor placement for the Retül motion analysis. Ideally, all fits should be conducted in a cycling jersey, shorts and shoes - though it is possible to fit with flat pedals if necessary.

It’s recommended you bring trainers and any orthotics you may have, along with spare stems and saddles that you have built up over the years, if applicable!

If you’re being fitted for a Time Trial or Tri Bike fit, you should also bring the helmet you intend to use.

Do I get anything to take home?

Yes, every fit is finished with a Zin which provides you with your set up measurements for future reference. We will then email you a copy of our fit report at the end of every session.

Where are you based?

We are based in Ronde Bicycle Outfitters  in Edinburgh Scotland. Although based in our Edinburgh studio we offer portable bike fitting all over Scotland, we just need a livingroom size space, garage or whatever space you have to work with, no hard in getting in touch to ask if your space may suit.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. For groups of three or more, we can offer a reduced rate provided that you pay a the same time.

For teams and groups of five or more, we can offer you a further reduction on all fitting services.

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What if I don't have a bike?

No need to worry! We have a state of the art Retül Müve bike which can precisely replicate the position of any bike on the market.

If you’re in the market for a new bike, then this will be used as part of our Frame Finder Session to determine the best bike for you.

What bike can I get fitted on?

Road, MTB, Cross, Track, TT and Commuter bikes, including E-Bikes. We will happily accommodate any style of bike.

How long does it take?

See our services list for specific information on each session.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You may cancel or rearrange your appointment within 24 hours with no charge. Unless it’s an emergency, if you no-show without getting in touch, then that’s bad karma you will have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Can I park my car?

There is free on street parking outside on a Saturday and Sunday. Weekdays cost £1.20 per hour between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

How do I pay?

We accept card payments as well as cash.

What are your opening hours?

We have no opening hours, we are open by appointment to suit you.