Aerodynamic Assessment

We have developed an aerodynamic optimization session in which we assess your bike position to make you as aerodynamic as you can possibly be. Although we don't have access to a wind tunnel we can still make positive changes to your position in a real world setting through the use of a video analysis technique to calculate a smaller frontal area, which is related to your drag coefficient. Our lead fitter Douglas studied fluid dynamics as part of his Degree in Sport Science and has a good understanding of how air interacts with a cyclist on a bike, and how to make a position faster.

Edinburgh Bike Fittings aerodynamic assessment costs is started with an off bike functional assessment of your flexibility to give us an idea of the lowest and most aerodynamic position your body can sustain before we move onto the bike. We make a number of positional changes, tidy up the bike itself, and also make postural changes. Before we wrap up, we can use our saddle pressure analysis to gain insight into how sustainable and stable your position will be out on the road. Finally, when we finish the session we use the Zin to scan the position so you can always go back to it.

TT position after assessment

TT position after assessment

A couple of benefits to the session include;

Measurable. As your position progresses we can continually track your reduced frontal area down the line, giving you an idea about how much any tweaks to the position are likely to speed you up.

Sustainable. Using our state of the art pressure mapping system we can really optimize you to the bike keeping in mind your specific limitations so that you wont end up unstable in the saddle as a result of our changes. 

Cost. We offer an effective aerodynamic assessment for a trial price of £75 saving literally hundreds compared to a wind tunnel test.

Speed. By optimizing your position its feasible that you could expect up to a 10% reduction in the watts you need to sustain a race pace, allowing you to beat PB's.

Equipment prescription. Because we know what we are looking for in our position, we can recommend components to buy in order to speed you up further, you can then come back to get checked out on, if you so wish, at reduced additional cost.

Evolvable. We do a functional assessment at the start of the session to understand your physical limitations on the bike, to improve your functionality we can offer you a bike specific core strength and flexibility training plan to improve your functionality on the bike and allow you to sustainably get into a faster position. 

Although it is assumed that you have been for a bike fit and are happy with your initial position before you come in, it doesn't need to have been a  bike fit from us, so feel free to contact us if you are not a previous client to have your position analysed.

We can do this session on your road bike or TT, Tri bike or Track bike and costs £75. For more information please get in touch.

Please note that this session is a bike optimization, and not a bike fit, if you have already had a bike fit or are happy with your base position then this session is for you, if you are looking for a bike fit to address a comfort issue then please check out our bike fitting services page.