Sport Nutrition

As part of our multi disciplinary approach Edinburgh Bike Fitting offers Nutritional support plans. Our plans are designed to provide a clear, flexible evidence-based approach to make it easy for our clients to follow and adopt.

the following options for monthly nutritional support for all levels and types of athlete, they can also be added at a reduced rate as bolt on options to all of our Cipressa Clients. In addition both of our monthly plans can be paid for in an annual subscription for a discount by Getting In Touch.


Nutritional Consultation

Perfect if you just want to check up on what you’re eating in line with your training plan in the run up to competition. With an initial consultation and a food diary analysis we suggest changes to your current eating habits and give you access to resources and recipes to make your transition easier. Changing your diet isn’t always easy so we also offer support during the first weeks of changes and a final follow up call after a month.


Consultation and Diet Analysis


£35 For Additional Follow Up

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Food Diary Analysis
  • Recommended Hydration and Nutritional Intakes
  • Access to Resources
  • Follow up Call
  • Sport Supplement Advice

Monthly Support

We recommend a Monthly Plan for clients who need their nutrition looked after on an ongoing basis. Perfect for clients with high time commitments elsewhere looking for answers to kick start their way to success. This plan can be used for weight management as you look forward to an event or to support your needs as your season progresses and your goals change.


Feed Zone Plan



  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Social Media Group Page
  • List of Recipes
  • Nutritics App to Monitor Progress
  • Training and Competition Nutrition Protocol
  • Hydration Advice
  • Weekly Electronic Communication
  • Monthly Consultation
  • Body Fat Analysis on Sign up*

Advanced Support

This package represents our ultimate offering supporting you in your chosen sport or goal by dialling in your nutrition. Ongoing body composition analysis and increased communication along with a personalised list of supplemental elements to assist you in achieving your goals. Your progress will be monitored weekly and updated every month with us supporting you every step of the way.


Musette Plan



  • Includes Everything in Monthly Plan
  • Personalised Supplement Prescription
  • Free Access to Workshops
  • Bi-Monthly Body Fat Analysis
  • Additional Communication as Requiered*

In addition to the services outlined above we also offer 1 off body fat measurement and body composition analysis through skinfold testing at the studio


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Sport Nutritionist Robyn Dunn

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Registered associate nutritionist with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition. Robyn has worked with a variety of athletes from recreational to elite in sports including rugby, race-walking, cycling, triathlon, swimming, CrossFit and football. Providing individual dietary consultations, dietary analysis, nutrition workshops, cooking demonstrations, body composition analysis and the support needed to help change dietary habits to fuel training, competition and daily life.

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