Superfeet Custom Insoles

Edinburgh Bike fitting offers custom insoles for our clients

Superfeet are a company who specialise in podiatry and have a worldwide reputation for their research in the field. We are lucky to stock a range of standard and custom insoles with this remarkable brand. Insoles allow us to go far beyond the scope of a normal fit service. Alignment of the cyclists foot inside the shoe allows for optimal stabilisation of the foot, knee and can also increase saddle comfort. We stock a full size range of Superfeet Custom and Carbon insoles with a full set of Demo insoles to compliment.


Superfeet Carbon

Superfeet carbon is a high quality, stiff orthotic far superior to the insoles which come standard in most cycling shoe brands. Alongside a custom insole we offer our clients a more budget friendly option. Superfeet carbon is a low profile insole designed to fit comfortably into sport footwear.


Custom insoles with FitPOD

Using our FitPOD we shape an insole to your foot allowing for maximum support, stability, and comfort while riding. The whole process adds approximately 30 minutes to a standard fit or is available as a stand alone service, Book Here.

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