Virtual Wind Tunnel Training Offer

Virtual Wind Tunnel Training Offer


Buying this special offer allows you to redeem 2 x 75 minute virtual wind tunnel training sessions usable on either your road, track, TT or Tri bike, and a personalised core strength and flexibility workout plan

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What to Expect

The sessions will comprise of an initial set up and capture of your most aerodynamic posture in your starting position. Following the initial warm up we will complete 30 minutes of testing and review followed by our training recommendation and demonstration of exercises we have prescribed.

  • 1st session we find your most Aero Posture on your current set up and do a 30 minute training session to analyse how effective you are at maintaining the aero posture breaking down into…

    • Time Spent in Posture

    • Pelvic Stability in Posture

    • Power output in Posture

  • After training session we agree a progressive personalised flexibility and core strength workout you can add to your program set around your current fitness

  • Advise on potential equipment optimisation*

2nd session we repeat 30 minute workout comparing performance metrics against baseline workout

  • Retest aero posture in 30 minute training session

  • Analyse position post exercise program and tweak position for optimisation

  • Suggest further improvements based on complete program

*if additional equipment is required before second session it can be fitted at additional cost

Once purchased you can redeem the special offer by booking in a virtual wind tunnel training session in our acuity booking app via a private link we will send you